My CV highlights the realization of the doctoral thesis, in addition to the publication of more than 20 articles in international journals (both in the field of molecular materials and organic chemistry, as in the field of C. Plastic and reconstructive) in addition to several Communications to Congresses. 
I also have a degree in pharmacy and a diploma in Nursing.

As for my personal skills, I like teamwork, good working environment, and I consider myself a person committed to my patients and the service where I work. 
rotations in national and international reference centers during my training as a plastic surgeon.

Dr. Javier Cespedes

Rotation Hospital La Fe (Valencia, Spain), Unit of burnings (Dra Pérez del Milla), in the unit of large burners (referent in the care of the critically burned patient in the Valencian Community). 
Rotation Hospital Universitario de San Juan (Alicante, Spain), unit of C. Maxillofacial-Facial (Dr. Martínez), Unit of reference in the province of Alicante for the Oral surgery, facial tramatología, and microsurgical reconstruction of the facial region.

Rotation of Chang Gung Hospital (Taipei, Taiwan), (Prof. Fu Chang Wei) center of World Reference in microsurgery and reconstructive surgery. 

Rotation Hospital Quiron (Madrid, Spain), (Dr. Martín del Yerro and collaborators), complementing my training in cosmetic surgery.

I have also made visits to Plastic surgeons of the stature of Dr. Francisco Gomez Bravo (Madrid), Dr. Antonio de la Fuente (Madrid), Dr. Pedro Archer (Madrid) and Dr. Sainz Arriegui (Bilbao). 
Rotation Hospital mutates Mountain and private activity of Prof. Francisco Piñal and Associates (Santander, Spain), center of World reference in hand and wrist surgery, arthroscopy of wrist, and microsurgery.

Plastic surgeon attached to the Hospital Marina Salud de Denia, performing more specifically breast reconstructive surgery and microsurgery. 

At present I am an attached plastic surgeon of the General University Hospital of Alicante. Also, I exercise my private activity in the Clinic Aesthetic Medicine and Plastic Surgery by UaraClinic & by InNewYou

Unamuno st. - 1st floor, CP03189 La Zenia (Alicante) 

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Tel.  607 257 195 

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